Friday, October 19, 2018

What is the difference between IPSEC VPN and SSL VPN?


--> Works on Transport Layer of the OSI reference model.

--> Complex Configuration

--> Requires a client software on every endpoint for Remote Access VPN.

--> Supports only specific devices to connect.

--> Does not provide granular access up to application layer.

--> Less flexible.

--> Uses DES,3DES and AES algorithm for encryption.

--> Built-in Authentication makes more secure compared to SSL VPN.

--> Well Suited for Site to Site VPN.


--> Works on Application Layer of the OSI reference model.

--> It is easier to configure as it works on HTTPS.

--> Does not require client software on every endpoint for Remote Access VPN.

--> Any End device can connect by using SSL VPN.

--> Provides granular access up to the application layer ( Users can get the access only specific resources that are required according to security policy).

--> More flexible.

--> Uses only DES algorithm for encryption.

--> Uses Third-Party Authentication makes less secure compared to IPSEC VPN.

--> Well suited for Remote Access VPN and Web-based Applications.


CCIE # 54759

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